Cowboy Boots

The manufacture of Cowboy/Western Boots primarily for American market in men, women and children is our core strength. We specialize in both Goodyear Welted as well as Cement Construction.

Fashion Winter Boots

Have been making women Fashion Winter Boots for North American and European market since inception, primarily in the Cement Construction and also Outside Stitch.

Open Comfort Casual Footwear

Have a comprehensive range of Open Footwear across all genders including children, every footwear made in the factory has an unique comfort feature.

Casual Footwear

For the Casual Footwear, special types of good quality casual leathers are used to make this kind of footwear on especially developed soles.

Welcome to arvind footwear

Arvind Footwear Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in the year 1996 and has emerged as leading manufacturer and exporter in Leather Footwear and Footwear Components sector.

Having specialization in Western Cowboy Boots, the Company has successfully graduated itself from being just a Western Boot manufacturer into a wide range of footwear products such as Ladies Boots, Shoes and Comfort Open Footwear in all categories backed by the professionals having vast experience of almost 35 years in Leather Trade.

The Company is located at Kanpur, State of Uttar Pradesh in Northern Plains of India, which is approximately 500 km. towards South-East of New Delhi.

About Us


To be significant in our chosen business by investing in highly motivated Human Capital Base and creating a sense of belongingness besides having an innovative product development in India and overseas.


To be responsible quality manufacturer of footwear for the global market and a value creator for customers.


Integrity, understanding, excellence and responsibility.

Constructions Available

The Goodyear welt process is the traditional method invented in 1869 for the manufacture of men's dress shoes, taking its name from the inventor Charles Goodyear, Jr., the son of Charles Goodyear who devised the original machine to replace the earlier completely hand sewn method.
Essentially, the upper part of the dress shoe is shaped over the last and fastened on by sewing a leather, linen or synthetic strip (also known as the "welt") to the inner and upper sole. As well as using a welt, a thread is used to hold the material firmly together. The welt forms a cavity which is then filled with a cork material. The final part of the shoe is the sole, which is attached to the welt of the shoe by some combination of stitching along the edge of the welt and sole, and a high strength adhesive like contact cement or hide glue.
This method is used for lightweight and flexible shoes and the outsole is stuck to the upper by adhesive. Bonwelt is another variation with its distinguishing feature being a strip of welting attached by stitching or cementing to the top edge of the insole. The shoe is then flat lasted. This is not a true welt construction wherein the welt is attached to the rib of the insole.
A cheaper method used to produce lightweight flexible soles for children's shoes and some casual footwear. Here the upper turned out (flanged) at the edge of the last and stitched to the runner. In some countries it is known as 'veldt' and 'veldtschoen.' The technique is used for lower priced footwear.