Social & Legal Compliance

The Company realizes tremendous importance of social accountability and as such incorporates the same as a part of its business strategy.

  • • It conforms to social compliance by providing minimum wages, leaves, bonus, Provident Fund etc. to all workmen, as per Government of India rules and regulations
  • • It is an equal opportunity employer and do not make any discrimination based on nationality, caste or gender.
  • • It has approx.800 fully trained workmen including women in direct employment, capable to do different operations & fully flexible to make different constructions. The Company does not employ any contract workers.
  • • It also maintains international class Health and Safety standards in the organization.
    1. • Drinking water purified by Osmosis Filters
    2. • Dining space
    3. • Air-cooled sheds
    4. • Security guards control and CCTV
    5. • Hygienic wash room
    6. • Offices equipped with fully modern electric/electronic machines/computers etc.
  • • It follows all the ethical standards and abides by the regulations and laws of the land.
  • • The working hours are pre-defined.
  • • No child labor is allowed.
  • • Regular employment is provided.
  • • No harsh or in-human treatment is allowed.